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Caterers - Exceptional products in Geneva

The different tasting areas inPlanet Caviar are open all day long with continuous service. You will therefore be able to come and discover our caviar and other premium products and accompany them with your perfect nectar.

For a snack during the day, for lunches and dinners or even to try the caviar eggs during an original breakfast, Planet Caviar gives you the option of a table at any time of day.

La Carte de la Semaine

Discover our gift boxes

Modern, well-designed and stylish, the "Fine Food" Delicatessen and the Cellar showcase our products and emphasise their beauty and prestige. Caviar, salmon and other house smoked fish, crab claws from Kamchatka and other truffles and foie gras will be a feast for your eyes as well as your taste buds.

To give your foodie friends and family an original present, Planet Caviar proposes gift boxes, full of elegance, both stylish and luxurious.

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Planet Caviar Shop

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